Saturday, 11 November 2017

Node.js | Features of Node.js

Some important features of Node.js that make it a good choice for software architects are listed down below:

Extremely fast: Node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, so its library is very fast in code execution. V8 Engine, the virtual machine that powers Google Chrome, for server-side programming. V8 gives Node a huge boost in performance because it cuts out the middleman, preferring straight compilation into native machine code over executing bytecode or using an interpreter.

I/O is Asynchronous and Event Driven: All APIs of Node.js libraries are asynchronous i.e. non-blocking. So a Node.js based server never waits for an API to return data. The server moves to the next API after calling it and a notification mechanism of Events of Node.js helps the server to get a response from the previous API call. It is also a reason that it is very fast.

Single Threaded but highly Scalable: Node.js uses a single threaded model with event looping. Event mechanism helps server to respond in a non-blocking ways and makes server highly scalable as opposed to traditional servers which create limited threads to handle requests. Node.js uses a single threaded program and the same program can service much larger number of requests than traditional server like Apache HTTP Server.

Highly Scalable: Node.js is highly scalable because event mechanism helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way.

No buffering: Node.js cuts down the overall processing time while uploading audio and video files. Node.js applications never buffer any data. These applications simply output the data in chunks.

Open source: Node.js has an open source community which helps to produce many excellent modules to add additional capabilities to Node.js applications.

License: Node.js is released under the MIT license.

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